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FrontierFinance is a community platform for development finance professionals. FrontierFinance supports these professionals by facilitating interaction and providing essential information on frontier and emerging markets. On FrontierFinance, you can:

  • exchange relevant information on what's going on;
  • see who's who in development finance and identify people with experience on matters of interest;
  • chat live or off-line with peers;
  • consult essential country info;
  • get development finance updates.

An admission policy applies. In order to sign up, your e-mail domain (the part of your e-mail address coming after the @) should be in FrontierFinance’s list of accepted e-mail domains. If your domain is not yet on our list, please contact us at support@frontierfinance.net with a request to add your institution.

FrontierFinance is an initiative of the Cardano Development group of companies in the Netherlands, which includes the fund managers of The Currency Exchange Fund (TCX), Frontier Clearing Corporation, Coin Re, Mantis and the BIX Fund. Cardano Development does not use Frontier Finance for commercial purposes and has no access to information posted in private sections of the network (such as private groups or chats). We maintain the efforts with financial support of donor institutions in the Netherlands and Germany.

FrontierFinance was built on the Plek Media Engine, and is developed and maintained by ILUMY digital innovation.