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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is FrontierFinance?
    FrontierFinance is a community platform designed for use by, and for the benefit of, the international development finance community. FrontierFinance offers a platform for development finance professionals to communicate with each other and to exchange information relevant to their work.

  • Who created FrontierFinance?
    FrontierFinance is an initiative of the Cardano Development group (www.cardanodevelopment.com) of companies in the Netherlands, which includes the fund managers of The Currency Exchange Fund (TCX), Frontier Clearing Corporation, Coin Re, Mantis and the BIX Fund.

  • Why was it created?
    While LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks offer some of the functionality that FrontierFinance offers, none can offer the focused professional platform that FrontierFinance proposes to be. FrontierFinance is a tool designed to make the work of development finance professionals more effective and enjoyable. Ultimately, FrontierFinance intends to support the best possible delivery of service to end clients and the fulfilment of developmental mandates.

  • What does the platform offer?
    To facilitate the work of active development finance professionals, the platform offers a number of features. First and foremost, it brings together development finance professionals from a range of institutions and offers them an easy channel of communication with their peers. Secondly, country and topic groups allow for focused discussion and information exchange. Users can also create private groups and invite any number of participants for closed discussion. In terms of information, the platform will feature regularly updated essential country information. Furthermore, the platform features country directories with useful names and contact details, as well as travel tips.

  • Who can join FrontierFinance?
    FrontierFinance is open to development finance professionals who work with one of the institutions for whom access is pre-approved. The logos of these institutions can be found at FrontierFinance’s homepage. Only employees with an e-mail domain matching one of those institutions can sign up automatically. If your e-mail address is not accepted, but you think it should be, please contact us through support@frontierfinance.net.

  • Who determines who can join?
    Cardano Development does. The predominant aim of FrontierFinance is, however, to offer a community platform to a wide range of development finance professionals, without being too restrictive. Please contact us in case of questions: support@frontierfinance.net.

  • Who owns and operates Frontier Finance?
    FrontierFinance is an initiative of Cardano Development. Hosting, technical maintenance and development are done by Ilumy (www.ilumy.com), an Amsterdam based company specializing in digital innovation.

  • Who can create groups?
    A set of country and topic groups was created at the start of FrontierFinance. Additional groups will be created depending on demand. Creation of private groups is also possible. The founder of a private group will be its administrator and decides who can join.

  • Which are the near-term developments to be expected for FrontierFinance?
    The first release of FrontierFinance went live early July 2014. A limited number of development finance professionals were invited to join, use the site and to offer feedback for improvements. The second release was launched end-August, offering a better user experience, taking care of a number of small bugs, and including features like chat, notifications and the possibility to create groups. A third release, with added and improved functionality, has been released in the third quarter of 2014.

  • Why do certain features not work (yet)?
    Some features are still being developed and are only shown to give the user a glimpse of what will be available soon. Wherever these features are already visible, they are characterized by the words ‘Coming soon’. Please report any other features that do not work as expected.

  • Where do I go with suggestions, complaints, and ideas for improvement?
    Please use the feedback on the right-hand side of the screen or send a message to feedback@frontierfinance.net.