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FrontierFinance is an initiative of the Cardano Development group (www.cardanodevelopment.com) of companies in the Netherlands, which includes the fund managers of The Currency Exchange Fund (TCX), Frontier Clearing Corporation, Coin Re, Mantis and the BIX Fund.

An admission policy applies: in order to sign up, one’s e-mail domain should be in FrontierFinance’s list of accepted e-mail domains. This list is maintained by Cardano Development. Hosting and technical maintenance of FrontierFinance are, however, done by a third-party company called Ilumy (www.ilumy.com).

Cardano Development does not use Frontier Finance for commercial purposes and has no access to information posted in private sections of the network (such as private groups or chats). Although FrontierFinance is essentially a closed community, it cannot be guaranteed that information posted on FrontierFinance will not leak to the outside world. FrontierFinance, Cardano Development and Ilumy therefore cannot accept any responsibility for information making its way from FrontierFinance to outside websites, institutions or individuals, nor for any consequences thereof.